Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing LA Confidential Car Service. It is an Honor to serve you and/or your clients and families while visiting the Los Angeles Area. Please review the estimated charges and policy for your transportation. 

You can be assured that we are the most confidential private transportation service you will find in the market. We take pride in offering impeccable service and a strict confidentiality policy to our clients. Here, confidential means confidential.

If for any reason you would like to change or modify your reservation, please contact our office as soon as possible at (888) 610-7804. 

Thank you for trusting us! 

Transportation services are provided by KZB Service Company INC. TCP 32222-B 


Policy and Conditions

The Total Balance for your Reservation will be charged 48 hours prior to the service day.

To meet your chauffeur, they will call you previously with information about the ride. Please answer the SMS/call made by them to avoid delays. In doubt, either call him/her directly or contact our offices at (888) 610-7804. 

For all vehicles larger than an SUV, our chauffeur cannot meet you inside the terminal. A greeter is advised but not required (Surcharge).

LA Confidential Car Service is not liable in the event of a mechanical breakdown while on charter. We will attempt to resolve the situation in a timely manner. If a resolution cannot be made, the charter will be terminated at the time at which the breakdown occurred. 

The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party.

A minimum of $250 will be assessed for trash, smoking, unsanitary debris, regurgitation, or liquid spill left in the vehicle by the booking contact/passenger and his/her party.  An invoice will be provided for the necessary repairs.

Smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles. 

The law prohibits alcohol consumption in all sedans & SUVs. Drug use is prohibited in any vehicle. The law prohibits minors (under 21 years of age) to possess or consume alcohol or drugs in any of our vehicles. If a passenger is found to possess one of them, the trip will be terminated, and law enforcement officials will be contacted immediately. The driver has the right to terminate the trip without a refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s)).

It is illegal to stand through the sunroof. 

Waiting time pay will apply after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time described on the reservation sheet. Not responsible for delays, detours, or interruptions in case of freeway blockage or road closure by unsafe road conditions. Not responsible for articles left in the vehicles. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.

L.A. Confidential Car Service reserves the right to substitute or upgrade the Sedan, SUV, Van, Limousine, or the color of the vehicle at its own discretion.

Notifications by text message:  “We use text message communication to send service status updates for your reservation, you can opt-out in the message. Please once you book the service with us, you agreed to received text notifications.”

Waiting Time Grace Period for Airport Pick up Meet and Greet: 

Included in the price:

·       Domestic arrival 45 minutes from the scheduled reservation time*

·        International arrival 75 minutes from the scheduled reservation time*

After the grace period, the customer will be charged $45.00 for every 1/2 hour for waiting after the grace period included or the driver will be released.

*For all airport arrivals, the wait time begins upon flight landing. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for airport delays. If a passenger misses their connecting flight, please advise us immediately to avoid late cancellation/No-Show fees.


Waiting Time Grace Period for Pick-up to Airport or Point-to-Point Non-airport Reservations:

Included in the price: the grace period for non-airport transfers is 15 minutes. 

After the grace period, the customer will be charged $1.00/minute for waiting since the scheduled pick-up time.  

Hourly Service Policy 

Minimum Hours Charter Policy:

·        Sedan – 3 Hours weekdays / 4 Hours weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)

·        SUV – 3 Hours weekdays / 4 Hours weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)

·        Sprinters – 4 Hours weekdays / 5 Hours weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)

·        Minibus/Motorcoach – 5 hours at any time  

Refund/Cancellation Policy 

Please Review our Cancellation Policy for Airport and Non-Airport pick-ups:

·        Sedan/SUV – 12hrs prior to Pick-up time for a full refund

·        Sprinter/Minibus/Motor Coach – 72hrs prior to Pick-up time for a full refund

·        Any cancelation done after the 12hr/72hr prior Pick-up time No Refund*


*We may offer credit to Sedan/SUV for next time depending on the circumstances.

No refund/credit for Sprinter/Minibus/Motorcoach for cancelations done after the cancelation time.


We are not responsible for canceled flights or missing flight connections. We need to be notified by the client at least 5hrs prior to service time in case this happens, so we can rearrange your service for a later time, otherwise, it will be a NO-SHOW

NO-SHOW and LATE CANCEL (4hr Prior pick-up time) reservations will not be refunded or credited. 

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